Low Calorie Recipes

Changing Shells

You may have several smaller corn tortillas for fewer calories than two big flour tortillas. Corn tortillas are also low in fats and considerably higher in dietary fiber. If you would like to reduce calories a lot more significantly get rid of the shells for a crispy leaf of lettuce. Similar to the lettuce wraps offered in lots of Asian dining places, utilizing lettuce like a taco shell provides a pleasant crispness along with a yummy contrast between the cold lettuce and hot filling. Select lettuce strong enough to manage the fillings – iceberg, leaf or romaine.

Leaner Proteins

Swap fatty ground beef for leaner meats to improve your tacos without losing taste. For those who cannot imagine your taco without the consistency of ground meat, select the leanest beef or ground turkey offered. More desirable options include things like lean steak, chicken breast or pork. Cook the proteins with strong seasonings like cumin, garlic, oregano and cayenne to contribute zesty taste without piling on calories. If you cook fish tacos, change battered, fried fish with grilled fish or shrimp to spare fats and calories.

Light Toppings

Loading tacos with quite heavy toppings like full-fat sour cream and re-fried beans is a guaranteed method to shatter the calorie bank. Change re-fried beans with healthy black or pinto beans, which contribute proteins and dietary fiber without the higher calorie count number of their re-fried alternatives. Put on low-calorie veggies like shredded lettuce, onions and peppers, garden fresh natural herbs like cilantro, chopped up avocado and low-fat sour cream or fat-free plain Greek yogurt. When you’re particularly daring, try out topping your taco with a zesty citrus or vinegar-based slaw. Various kinds of tacos, particularly fish tacos, bypass cheese for a scrumptious coleslaw.

Zumba Workout

Fun Workout

If you are a person who is lazy and don’t want to get out of the bed because you find gym workouts boring, Zumba is the option for you. With the combination of music and choreographed moves, this workout is much more fun. You don’t have to be a dancer to join this workout.

Areas Targeted

It is one of the best workouts to strengthen the core. It also helps in toning the legs and thighs. The jumps and moves choreographed in the Zumba workouts help work the hamstrings.

Burn More Fat

Since Zumba workout is all about burning your physical energy, use of more energy will result in effective weight loss. Zumba is incorporated with almost every kind of workout involving all the body parts. The lunges and squats moves in the movements helps you lose that unwanted fat.

Social Interaction

Zumba workouts are always done in a group of people. Give yourself a healthy activity along with your friends. You will always be more motivated and focused towards your goals. It also gives you the opportunity socialize and make new friends.

Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba is a low intensity, high-energy aquatic exercise. If you want to avoid the impact on your joints, then aqua Zumba is a better option. The resistance of water makes the movements more challenging, thus making the workout more effective.

No age barrier

Zumba has less impact on joints. It improves the blood circulation and even help reduce arthritis pain.

Burn about 300 calories in 30 minutes and stay healthy, no matter what your age is.

Safe Weight Loss

What foods for weight loss

A well-balanced diet for weight loss should consist of foods like non-fat dairy, shellfish, skinless poultry, soy products, egg whites, vegetables, and fruits. Plus, the foods to cut back and keep to a minimum, include animal fats, added sugars, and starches.

Use vegetables for snacks because they are great at keeping the stomach full for longer. Unhealthy snacks should be removed from the kitchen cupboards to avoid possible temptation. Plus, make sure all meals take place while seated at a table using small plates and not to eat directly from the fridge.

Avoid skipping meals, especially first thing in the morning. Eating a healthy and fiber rich breakfast will not only give a boost to the metabolism, but also leave you feeling full until lunchtime.

Exercise for weight loss

For those hoping to achieve fast weight loss, it benefits to get in a habit of consistently doing up to 60 minutes of moderate exercise per day. A combination of strength training and cardio is the most effective strategy. A cardio routine is the most effective at burning the calories. Use a fast intensity for the cardio which makes it possible to keep sweating for the entire duration of the exercise. In addition to the cardio routine, two or three hours per week of strength training will also help promote long-term weight loss. The exercise intensity should increase slowly for those that rarely exercise or a check up with a doctor might be a practical option.

Shed Excessive Weight

• Eat the Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is not advisable because it helps to spread the hunger evenly, thus managing your appetite. As per the studies done, those who have a regular and healthy breakfast have better chances of losing weight. Therefore, it is advisable to never skip the breakfast.

• Never Skip the Meals

Experts clearly state that starving is not a method for losing weight. People must remember that when a person eats food, certain quantity of fat gets stored as a reserve during lack of food. This fat gets stored in excess when one skips meals. It is advisable not to have an empty stomach for more than five hours.

• Eat the Right Thing

Experts state that if a person is willing to lose weight, then he or she must give up consuming edibles and beverages such as pasta, cookies, pies, cakes and desserts. Also, the food served are quite high up in fat and calories, therefore, eating food cooked homes is a better option.

• Cut the Calories

If a person is planning to shed weight at home, then it is essential to keep a check of the calories taken. In this way, it is not necessary to starve; instead keeping a check on the amount of calorie taken. One can do this by looking at the list of ingredients contained in a particular edible. Read the label and find the amount of calories mentioned. The amount of calories required greatly differs person to person. The type of work and the lifestyle a person has would decide the amount of calories necessary to cut.

Ditch The Diet

Many people diet in the hope of losing weight but many fail in the first week! Those that do complete their diet and meet their target weight pile it back on as soon as they stop dieting and return to their ‘Old Lifestyle’. If this is you, you need to ditch the diet approach unless you are going to keep to it for life this time!

Make a few little adjustments, cut the calories, keep busy even find a hobby that involves movement. Then stick to it. You will soon find that this becomes your lifestyle and you will not want the old lifestyle, the old you back. You will lose weight and become more healthy slowly but surely. You will find that you become more active and want to be active. You will probably find that if you sit down for too long you will become restless and have to do something, anything.

The sooner that you admit to yourself that you have got to take responsibility for your life the better you will feel. “Try it you will like it”, make that decision and take that leap. You will land in a better life. Healthier, fitter, confident knowing that you will be able to face life with a smile on your face.

A few little changes can make a lot of difference in your life. Imagine waking up to a new happier you. A few little changes in your daily routine. Just a slightly smaller portion. Cut out a snack and be a bit more active is all that it might take to make it a reality. Yes that dream can come true. You just have to want it enough to go out and do it.

Plank Exercise

When you perform plan exercises, you work all of the muscles that make up your core and gain all of the benefits that come with building a strong core. As if that wasn’t enough, planks also work the following muscles:


  • Trapezius.
  • Rhomboid major and minor.
  • Rotator cuff.
  • Anterior, medical and posterior delts.
  • Pectorals.
  • Triceps.
  • Biceps.


  • Quadriceps
  • Gastrocnemius (calf muscle).

It’s easy to develop muscle imbalances when only performing abdominal exercises (such as sit-ups). Most people do not perform spinal and gluteal strengthening exercises to compensate for the abdominal work. Planks condition the front and back of the body simultaneously. When muscles are comparably developed on both sides of the body, the result is better posture, more spinal support, and less lower-back pain.

One of the best selling points for planks is their relevance when it comes to functional movement, which is essential movement to living life. Things such as squatting, bending, running, lifting, jumping, and throwing are all functional movements initiated in the core.

While sit-ips are an important functional movement for daily life (for example, the ability to get out of bed every morning), they are not always the best core conditioning choice for everyone.

Crunches and sit-ups only work the muscles on the front side of the core, so it’s necessary to do back strengthening exercises as well. However, planks work the entire core, as well as many other muscles in the body.

Crunches and sit-ups can place pressure on the spine through the repetitive flexion and extension of the spine, and over time, this can become an issue. If you experience any discomfort with these movements, plank training can be useful substitute.

Furthermore, crunches and sit-ups are counter intuitive for those with ruptured, bulging, or slipped discs or other spinal injuries. Planks are a much safer alternative in those cases.

And finally, crunches and sit-ups can have negative effects on posture by promoting rounded shoulders. Plan exercises promote good posture.

The best thing about planks is that there are countless variation of the exercise, ranging from traditional and side plank variations to planks using external weights or unstable surfaces. There is a plank for every body and every fitness level. If one doesn’t work for you because of injury, body type, imbalance, or a lack of requisite strength, there are many other options. Entire workouts can be programmed around the plank.

This part includes the most basic variations of the plank, which serve as the foundation for building core strength. These planks are performed only with your own bodyweight.

The best thing about the planks featured in this part is that they require no special equipment and can be performed anywhere, (at the gym, at home, or as a travel workout).

There are many variations of these four planks, ranging from intermediate to advanced, so you won’t get bored with your core training.

Ready to put these planks into practice and build the strongest core of your life as you change the shape of your body? Get ready to feel the burn with these ten workouts that link together a series of planks. The workout range from beginner to advanced and are all around five minutes in duration.

The focus of this workout is to build up the amount of time you are able to stay in a full plank. As the 15-second holds get easier, start to increase the amount of time you are in the plank over the course of 1 minute. For example, start 15-seconds in the full plank hold, with five seconds rest and repeated three times, and then increase to 25-seconds in the full plank, with 5-seconds rest and repeated once. Continue to increase the plank hold time until you are able to hold a plank for a full minute.

These variations are rep-based and add movement to the plank.

About Smoothie

You can easily boost your weight loss in many delightful ways whilst savoring the flavors of your favorite smoothies. Smoothies are always characterized by their creamy richness and smoothness. This comes from using ingredients like avocado, which has ample healthy fats besides having a high content of vitamins and minerals. Then you have your full choice of berries to choose from. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries – they all high low in calories and sugar but high in fiber content. Most importantly, they are really rich in antioxidants to promote general well-being and overall health.

Once you’ve got the main game plan going, enrich your smoothies the right way with other incredible ingredients like cayenne pepper that helps to boos weight loss while adding a bit of spice to your concoction. Then add in some Chia seeds which are also great for weight loss due to their high fiber and protein content which make you feel full. Not forgetting nutrients like calcium, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids that they are known for. Worried about the excessive blood glucose in your body? Sprinkle a dash of Cinnamon into your weight loss smoothie and the improved metabolizing of the glucose will help to regular blood sugar levels.

As blood sugar can be stored as fat in your body, its reduction directly reduces your fat content. Coconut oil, yogurt, fruit pulp and lots more ingredients are just waiting for you to discover them. All of these work amazingly well, and with great taste flavors, to help you lose weight quickly

Tighten A Double Chin

I loved watching my chin and neck get tighter as I lost weight consistently. It really does make your smile pop. To make that happen, I had to be consistent and make the changes turn into habits. It was hard at first, but was easier week after week.

1. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes. When used on a regular basis or abused, these substances breakdown the elastin fibers that hold the skin together and make it lose elasticity. Collagen is a fibrous protein that makes it possible for the skin to have form and strength. To be effective in it’s function, the skin needs to be hydrated. Alcohol dehydrates the skin. Smoking weakens the blood supply and deprives the skin of oxygen.

2. Oils. Essential oils are amazingly powerful to help the skin tighten and glow. They can help induce fat burning and aid in reducing fat cells. When mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, the skin will be able to gain elasticity to help shrink it up and not hang down. Use caution and know how before implementing essential oils.

3. Chin exercises. Stretching and toning your chin area will help those muscles tighten to pull up the skin. There are several exercises you can do with your neck, jaw and chin muscles.


What causes chronic inflammation?

  • Stress: Stress causes activity in the brain that can lead to physical pain which may lead to an inflammatory response in the body. Hence, people suffering from stress may experience inflammation.
  • Poor diet: Some foods like simple sugars, high fructose corn syrup, refined flours, trans-fat-rich foods, processed meat, fried foods, etc. can trigger the inflammatory response in the body. So the consumption of these food items should be restricted.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle: Consumption of alcohol, smoking, leading a sedentary life and being overweight creates a stress in the body that triggers an inflammatory response.
  • Pollution: Pollution causes damage to the cells which may cause inflammation.

How can you be safe from chronic inflammation?

  • Regular physical activity: The regular physical activity of 30 – 50 minutes will help you reduce weight and will also help you to mobilize the joints. This will reduce the chances of developing chronic inflammation.
  • Having a well-balanced and nutritious diet: Do include all the food groups in your diet. Have foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, fibre, magnesium, carotenoids, antioxidants and lycopene as these nutrients are anti-inflammatory.

Some anti-inflammatory foods are:

  1. Olive oil
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Nuts, such as walnuts and almonds
  4. Leafy greens, including spinach and kale
  5. Fatty fish, such as salmon and mackerel
  6. Fruits, especially blueberries, oranges and cherries
  7. Spices like ginger, turmeric, oregano and cloves
  • Relieve yourself of stress: Sleeping for a minimum of 6-8 hours a day, trying and using stress relaxation techniques, talking about how you feel, etc will help you in maintaining and lowering your stress. This reduces the chances of inflammation.

Understanding the link between chronic inflammation, diet and exercise will help in ageing healthily and keep chronic diseases at bay. Eating an overall healthy diet rather than singling out foods and incorporating them into your diet is the best way to fight inflammation. Unprocessed, plant-based foods with a variety of colours will ensure your body is protected from inflammation.

Get Fit Fast In A Week

Learning how to get fit fast in a week can be difficult, but you can do anything hard for only a week. Perhaps you may even pick up some good habits that you can continue to improve your health month by month. Once you focus everyday on accomplishing the steps necessary, you will soon see results. Even when you have setbacks or problems that come up, stay on track on commit to your goals.

Getting in shape for an upcoming vacation was my goal. Even though I only had a week, it was hard at times to stay focused. There was so much to do to get ready that I would lose sight of what I needed to do. But, luckily I had written out a plan that I could refer to when I needed reminders. I found that sticking to the basics was the easiest and most effective way to achieve my goals.

How To Get Fit Fast In A Week

*Find motivation by replacing negative thoughts with active, positive thoughts. Instead of saying, I should do this and that, think,”I am working out everyday for 45 minutes to get in shape quickly.” This will help your mind to connect with your body and create results. When your body and mind work together, energy is in your favor.

*Lose the sugar. Don’t eat any sugar for the entire week. Stay away from beverages that contain sugar as well.

*Along with exercises that help with cardio, do strength building workouts everyday as well. Strength exercises tone the muscles to shape the body and melt fat cells.

*Since you will be staying away from sugar for a little while, drink plenty of water to help combat cravings, flush out toxins, and keep you fit.

*Essential oils have powerful properties to help you become fit and fight off sore muscles.