Carb Cycling for Weight Loss

In general you can decide to go for 3 days of low carb followed by 1 day of high carb intake, then back to low carb days. Alternatively you can go for 2 days of low carb followed by 1 day of high carb and then 1 day of no carb. Overall calorie intake on low carb days should also be lower. When starting the diet, you need to calculate your required daily calorie intake and work out the required quantity of carbohydrate you should be eating. If you are aiming for a healthy weight loss of one to three pounds per week, try to ensure that your calorie intake on low carb days is low enough to help you achieve this goal. It is a great idea to engage in tough workouts on a high carb day.

Carb cycling focuses more on carbohydrates (and not protein or fats) because carbs seem to have the most influential effect on the body composition and how you look. The easiest way to get started with carb cycling is to follow the plan and then adjust from there. Once you’ve mastered a particular carb cycling strategy of your choice and you’re ready for some more fine-tuning with your nutrition, the next step would be to adjust your carb intake for each individual meal to suit your body and your goals. At this point it might be wise to bring on a coach to help you make these adjustments.

Aside from varying carb intake, most carb cycling or rotation diets programs also promote a diet of healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, high fiber carbohydrates, low saturated fats and a moderate intake of healthy unsaturated fats. Many also recommend avoiding any form of refine sugar and refined carbohydrates except the natural sugar in fruits.

Let me give one important advice here, please note that a high carb day shouldn’t be a day to eat all the junk food available. However don’t be afraid to give yourself a treat with different types of high calorie foods either, as long as total carbohydrates are accounted for.

Most people consider the carb cycling procedure a lot more convenient because of the fact that high carb days are comfortably accommodated. Therefore the common unwanted side effect such as reduced fat burning capacity, high craving for food and lack of adequate exercises due to weakness are exempted. This is because high carb days refuel the muscle’s glycogen levels making you feel good and energized.

Must know about Orthorexia

This condition is extremely serious. But there is one major problem about it: many people who have it don’t even realize it’s an issue.

So what symptoms does one with this disorder have? It all starts with an innocent desire to lose weight. But this innocent desire transforms into an unhealthy and dangerous addiction. Over time, the person lets dieting control their every move:

  • Weighing themselves every day or close to every day
  • Feverishly counting calories, grams, or points
  • Feeling guilty from eating any food, let alone just unhealthy food
  • Putting food in categories of “good”, “bad”, and “forbidden”
  • Sneaking “bad” food when no one is watching and having the mindset that a couple spoonfuls doesn’t “count”
  • Feeling the need to burn off what they just ate
  • Needing to have willpower so that they don’t “slip up” and lose self-control: even if they just want one little piece of chocolate
  • Every day is a chance to eat right, be “good,” and self-punish if temptation wins (usually through stricter eating, fasts, and exercise)
  • Wishing that they could just eat whatever they wanted without worrying about the health quality of the food
  • Find it hard to eat a meal that they didn’t prepare because of the fear that they don’t know what is in it
  • Thinking of food all day long
  • Other areas of their lives are negatively affected from this obsession with food
  • Having the intense fear that if they stop dieting they will gain weight
  • Having the intense fear that if they stop dieting they will not eat any healthy foods
  • Thinking that they need to lose weight without realizing that obsession with dieting is now their primary issue that needs to be solved

This is not something to be taken lightly. Eventually, the obsession with healthy eating can crowd out other activities and interests, impair relationships, and become physically dangerous. These symptoms I listed above are bad enough, but orthorexia very often turns into anorexia or bulimia. However, even if it doesn’t, who wants to live with this obsession forever? Once I realized I had an unhealthy obsession (which took 12 years for me to realize), I did everything I could to end it. And I succeeded.

Low Calorie Recipes

Changing Shells

You may have several smaller corn tortillas for fewer calories than two big flour tortillas. Corn tortillas are also low in fats and considerably higher in dietary fiber. If you would like to reduce calories a lot more significantly get rid of the shells for a crispy leaf of lettuce. Similar to the lettuce wraps offered in lots of Asian dining places, utilizing lettuce like a taco shell provides a pleasant crispness along with a yummy contrast between the cold lettuce and hot filling. Select lettuce strong enough to manage the fillings – iceberg, leaf or romaine.

Leaner Proteins

Swap fatty ground beef for leaner meats to improve your tacos without losing taste. For those who cannot imagine your taco without the consistency of ground meat, select the leanest beef or ground turkey offered. More desirable options include things like lean steak, chicken breast or pork. Cook the proteins with strong seasonings like cumin, garlic, oregano and cayenne to contribute zesty taste without piling on calories. If you cook fish tacos, change battered, fried fish with grilled fish or shrimp to spare fats and calories.

Light Toppings

Loading tacos with quite heavy toppings like full-fat sour cream and re-fried beans is a guaranteed method to shatter the calorie bank. Change re-fried beans with healthy black or pinto beans, which contribute proteins and dietary fiber without the higher calorie count number of their re-fried alternatives. Put on low-calorie veggies like shredded lettuce, onions and peppers, garden fresh natural herbs like cilantro, chopped up avocado and low-fat sour cream or fat-free plain Greek yogurt. When you’re particularly daring, try out topping your taco with a zesty citrus or vinegar-based slaw. Various kinds of tacos, particularly fish tacos, bypass cheese for a scrumptious coleslaw.

Zumba Workout

Fun Workout

If you are a person who is lazy and don’t want to get out of the bed because you find gym workouts boring, Zumba is the option for you. With the combination of music and choreographed moves, this workout is much more fun. You don’t have to be a dancer to join this workout.

Areas Targeted

It is one of the best workouts to strengthen the core. It also helps in toning the legs and thighs. The jumps and moves choreographed in the Zumba workouts help work the hamstrings.

Burn More Fat

Since Zumba workout is all about burning your physical energy, use of more energy will result in effective weight loss. Zumba is incorporated with almost every kind of workout involving all the body parts. The lunges and squats moves in the movements helps you lose that unwanted fat.

Social Interaction

Zumba workouts are always done in a group of people. Give yourself a healthy activity along with your friends. You will always be more motivated and focused towards your goals. It also gives you the opportunity socialize and make new friends.

Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba is a low intensity, high-energy aquatic exercise. If you want to avoid the impact on your joints, then aqua Zumba is a better option. The resistance of water makes the movements more challenging, thus making the workout more effective.

No age barrier

Zumba has less impact on joints. It improves the blood circulation and even help reduce arthritis pain.

Burn about 300 calories in 30 minutes and stay healthy, no matter what your age is.